Mark Igra

Sociology * Health * Software


I’m an incoming student in the UW Sociology Graduate school. I'm interested in using computational methods to address questions at the intersection of Sociology and Economics. How do the groups we belong to affect our norms and the way we treat each other in the marketplace? I admire the work of Mark Granovetter, Randall Collins, and Elinor Ostrom.


Health outcomes depend on a complex interaction of Fitness, Social, Nutritional, Emotional and Medical factors, but our health provision system addresses these deeply related components with unrelated providers in different places. I'm working with Providence Health and Services on tools to match clients with services in a variety of non-medical settings.


I've had a long career in the software industry working on data integration, analysis and development tools. Prior to working at Providence I founded LabKey Software, where I remain on the board of directors. My interests include visualizing and telling stories with data.

About Me

I was a founder and am current board member of Labkey Software, a leading provider of biomedical research data systems. In 1999 I co-founded and was VP of Products for a ground-breaking hosted web development platform. Westside was acquired by BEA Systems (later acquired by Oracle). I worked at Microsoft througout the 1990s on the VB and Microsoft Excel teams. Back in 1988 I co-wrote version 1.0 of EndNote reference software for a small company in Berkeley. EndNote is still being sold by Thomson Reuters almost 30 years later, though I might try something more modern if I were you. I occasionally will post things on the internet, like this piece on Inclusion. I live with my wife and two wonderful sons in Seattle, where I demonstrate life’s futility by rooting for the Mariners and hoping for sunny days.